Photos of a room (literally)

As part of a blog workshop we had to photograph objects in the room we were sat in. Thinking about shape, form, texture lighting and angle amongst other things, the photographs we took were supposed to inspire us. I chose to shoot objects close up, so that only part of the object was visible adding an element of abstraction, mystery, and uncertainty.

The first image was shot lying on the floor, looking up and into a set of display boards. I wouldn’t normally find inspiration in such an object but the different perspective added a lot more interest and depth to the image.

The second image is a close up of chair legs. The lighting in this image is what i think makes it successful and inspiring. The angle that the light is coming into the room allows a small reflection into the floor and also creates very strong contrast.

Although this was a really simple task, I think it was very successful and has shown me that you can find inspiration around the area you are working in and that you don’t have to go far to find it. Simple elements such as lighting and angle can have a big effect on any image, you just have to experiment with your camera and take more than one shot of the same subject.


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