Saatchi Gallery

Newspeak: British Art Now

Sculpture below created by littlewhitehead
‘It Happened In The Corner’ 2007
plaster, foam, wax, hair, clothes approx 180 x 200 x 150 cm

Hailing from Glasgow, littlewhitehead take their inspiration from the cities working class and post-industrial culture. Their darkly humorous sculptures provocatively explore the phenomenon of violence as an increasingly normalised means to identity and community. ‘It Happened In The Corner’ is an installation of a gang of hoodies congregated in ominous thug-pack stance. In their presence, the viewer is made a complicit witness or bystander to banal terror, while the predators are similarly made victims, eerily silenced and stilled, ever relegated to the corner. (information taken from the picture by picture guide)

I was immediately drawn to this work of art. The gang being situated in the corner make you as a viewer curious as to what they are all huddled around, forcing you to take a look for yourself. It is only then that you realise you have become part of the artwork, part of the situation. This is shown in the photograph below, the curiosity of the human mind drives you to have a closer look to see if you can work out what is going on.

This mini installation (below) has been created by ‘Study O Portable’. Study O Portable is a designing practice for accessories and other portable objects based in London, founded by Bernadette Deddens and Tetsuo Mukai in 2009. Their work evolves around the idea os portability and question of functionality in objects. They take great interest in the methods of designing just as much as the resulting work and often choose simple but considered production process and material.

Alphabet, United Kingdom, 2009
reclaimed wood, solid brass

This was created as an exercise in language, typography, and form as well as being considered resourceful. The work was the product of reclaimed studio scraps. The work is very simplistic and presented as if the letters have been hung out to dry. The lighting in the room also projected the shadow of the letters onto the wall behind adding more depth and interest to the work.

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One thought on “Saatchi Gallery

  1. René Fourie says:

    This 'Alphabet' image above for me has a slightly eerie feel to it, as well as the “It Happened In The Corner' images as mentioned above, but the typo more so. The first thought that came to mind was the movie Saw… anyway this is just a report on my first thoughts of seeing these images.

    So Hayley I really like your layout and images.
    I LOVE the Saatchi Gallery, the work exhibited there always interests me greatly – so I think I will make a trip there this weekend.


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