VCT…Woman’s World

Woman’s World, a graphic novel was our reading for the week, something I found highly interesting. Not just the story but the idea, the concept, the layout. The work was so creative and although I found it hard to read over the first page or two, the more I read the more I got used to the style and the more I wanted to read. The idea of creating a story from clippings from a collection of womens magazines from the 60’s has worked so well, with the occasional image there to aid the text. The use of words from adverts, brand logos allowing you to identify and associate with the story, different sized fonts and highlighted words, words and sentences breaking the barriers of the page, almost as if they had been additional extras to the work all make this novel a huge success in my eyes.

The second part of this session was to create a collage from newspaper cuttings that had a political meaning behind it. Although limited by the content of the paper, by taking words and images from different stories and putting them together, it allowed me to create a new narrative.

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