Darkroom Workshop

Did the darkroom workshop today so that I can make use of the facilities at uni, I was familiar with the darkroom as I have done photography in the past on my foundation course. Mainly going over what I already knew however had a really good morning, and the machine that processes the prints in 80 seconds is genius, we never had one of them, we had to do the chemical process ourselves, so that machine is a timesaver. 

Didn’t take my negatives to the photography induction, don’t know what I was thinking…well I clearly wasn’t thinking, so had to make use of the negatives that were already in the darkroom. They produced some good results, but they are somewhat random images.

Below are some photograms that are generated by exposing light onto the paper that the objects are placed on. I then went onto experiment with moving the objects while the paper was being exposed. You can see this in the 3rd and 4th images where a mid-tone grey appears.

We then went on to work from negatives, with my final prints shown below. The portrait of the man is shown twice as I changed the grade to alter the contrast level. The image on the left has a grade of 4, whilst the one on the right has a grade of 3. Both were exposed for the same amount of time (I have no idea who this man is).

It is also important to carry out test strips before printing the final images, this allows you to find the correct exposure for an individual image.

Conclusion: I want to use the darkroom a great deal more even if it isn’t directly related to any of my projects. May be a little odd to hear but I prefer film photography to digital photography, and also black and white imagery to colour.


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