FMP workshops

So far I have completed four workshops, Contrast, Composition, Repetition and Shade. Although all have been insightful and given me things to think about, the shade workshop with Darren has been the one that I feel I have engaged most with and also most inspired by. The workshop didn’t involve any complex concepts purely just using silhouettes to create new images with new meanings.

The repetition workshop was somewhat repetitive, however my eyes now notice repetition absolutely everywhere, there is no escaping it. This will provide some great opportunities for my book.

Composition with Paul proved that dust-jacket element of the project cannot be left until the last minute. I try not to make a habit of leaving things till the last minute however I could have foreseen this happening. A lot more thought needs to be put into it than initially thought. I see my biggest problem in creating something different but effective that works both as a book cover and as a poster.

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