Museum of London

Street Photography Exhibition

Being interested in film photography meant that I was going to enjoy this particular exhibition. On watching the documentary I learnt that the art of street photography is about seeing and reacting to situations around you with your images becoming a commentary on society. It was also pointed out that as we travel around and photograph we are interested in things that the locals don’t even notice any more. Due to the times we are living in street photography is not the same as it was in 1860 and will probably never be the same again. The raw quality of images attained with the direct eye contact is rarely seen these days and you have to be so careful now when photographing children in particular. As a result of current conditions many photographers believe our visual culture is suffering.

The layout of the exhibition was consistent throughout with a timeline feature giving the photographs meaning as well as flowing from one time to another. Images varied in size and although the larger images drew initial attention I found the smaller the image the more I engaged with it, spending more time looking into it rather than just at it.

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