Dalton Maag


Project Chosen: Dalton Maag

Outcome: A booklet/publication on the fundamentals of type and typography.

As part of a current uni project I have received a reading list which I am working my way through. The topic of my research…Paragraphs. Although this may sound boring I am finding it quite interesting, potentially due to the fact that I  never really thought about them as a design element before. They just  seem to be there and somewhat unnoticed (very much the intention of good typography). This lack of knowledge not only concerns the use of paragraphs, positioning, line length, hyphenation but generally the use of typography as a creative tool.

“In a wold rife with unsolicited messages, typography must often draw attention to itself before it will be read. Yet in order to be read, it must relinquish the attention it has drawn.”

Below are a couple of quotes taken from the book, Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works…

I then find myself reading The Elements of Typographic Style – Robert Bringhurst. In this they have updated Frederic Goudy’s quote…

In my opinion, more of this stuff should be taught on design related courses. This project, although it has only just started, has oped my eyes to elements that had never even crossed my mind before. I can assure you now that research into typography will continue far beyond this project.

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